Friday, May 4, 2012

Sprichst du Deutsch?

No, I don’t speak German either but I understand just enough to get myself into trouble at family gatherings.  You see, I married a Canadian who is first generation German.  Unfortunately my cooking repertoire doesn’t speak German either.  I have tried to make potato dumplings, saurbraten, rouladen, saurkraut, schweinshaxe and spaetzle with limited success.  This month’s #letslunch gang decided to do fusion food in honor of @cowgirlchef’s upcoming cookbook that takes a Texan and plunks her down in a Paris kitchen.

I originally declined to play this month since I am busy with a major TV project for the Canadian Cancer Society’s relay for Life but then it dawned on my – I do fusion every day! 

This one, however is a little beyond the pale even for me.  A friend, @robertaweisbrot invited me to go to the German club to help prepare food for the upcoming Mosaic festival, I was dubious at best.  Mosaic is a multicultural festival here in Regina that celebrates the heritage of all the cultures that have converged here in our small city.  Each cultural club hosts a pavilion that spotlights their culture’s dances, music, crafts and of course FOOD!  Joining in for the Mosaic preparation should have made them nervous, after all, here I am, an Italian, making Ukrainian food for the German club.  So while the food is not exactly fusion, the story certainly is!

Check it out here:

Enjoy all the cultures that your community has to offer, bring your own perspective and just have fun, whether you decide to have a go at the food or not!

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  1. Karen - you speak and understand German very well and good for you to try German food. German food schmeckt auch gut. :-) FIL